Our items that are donated to families:

NICU-friendly Shirts

NICU-friendly Wraps - our most popular style.

NICU-friendly Gowns
Receiving Blankets
Crochet Items - hats, blankets

Our items that are donated to hospitals:

NICU-friendly shirts & wraps
Bereavement gowns

Receiving blankets
Incubator Covers
Frogs & Snakes - both used for positioning the babies



 Loveys- these little stuffed animals are held close to the mother, then later put beside the baby in their incubator to give the feeling (smell) that mother is near.  This comforts, calms, and aids in the babies healing.


Unit covers - these covers are handmade specifically to fit a certain type/style of incubator.  They are embroidered with our logo and can be made in memory of or in honor of a family member for a donation.