MATERIAL LISTS (add All purpose thread to all lists)

NICU-friendly wraps, shirts, and gowns:
-Cotton Flannel, Cotton Knit, or Soft Broadcloth
-Velcro (regular sewn-in, not adhesive back)

Receiving Blankets:
-Cotton Knit (preferred)

Crochet & Knitted Items:
- Soft yarn with no metallic thread, no fuzzy texture, no wool.
- Fingering sport, worsted weight

Isolette Cover (to prevent light and noise from hurting baby):
-1 1/4 yard of plain & very dark fabric for inside
-1 1/4 yard broadcloth for outside of cover, can be any pattern
- Package of medium weight batting

- Fleece or cotton knit
- Fiber Fill

- 2 yards of cotton knit or cotton
- Fiber Fill

- 1 yards of cotton knit or cotton
- Fiber Fill

Bereavement Gowns:
- White cotton fabric
- Wedding gowns - if you are interested in donating your wedding gown, please see the information HERE