What you can donate to Heartstrings & Angel Wings

You can donate your time to Heartstrings at our once monthly workshop days or you can request items to prepare at home.  Our workshop days are held on the first Saturday of every month, except for weekends which fall on holidays.

If you have a talent or professional skill which you think would be useful to the organization, and you would like to donate your time/talent please get in touch with us via email
heartstrings_angelwings@yahoo.com  If you are not sure if we are in need of your talent, please contact us and we can let you know whether your services are needed.

You can donate fabric for clothing and other items made. Go to the "Products" page for more information as to what we use for our products.

We do need some office materials for mailings, brochures, and flyers distributed by the group as well as other things needed for distribution.  Also, if you have access to make copies, we are often in need of brochures to distribute. 

Examples of some materials that you can donate are:
pastel colored or white paper
plastic zipper bags for packaging - gallon size
Dreft (for washing)

Monetary Donations
We accept cash or check donations made payable to Heartstrings & Angel Wings. Please contact us for the mailing address.


For the privacy of our members, please email heartstrings_angelwings@yahoo.com if you are interested in donating.  Thank you!!