Save the date!!!

The 7th Annual Gumbo Cookoff is Saturday, March 14, 2015!  

Special live performances by:
The Thibodeaux Family Band
Sweet Cecilia
Dustin Sonnier & The Wanted


Download the team application HERE.




An event of the size and importance of what we put on once per year is not done by one person alone - it is done with the help of an army of people.  That being said, we have a list of people we must thank for making this year's event a huge success.



First- the town of Henderson.  Mayor Collette and the rest of his staff are ALWAYS helpful and accomodating to us.  We appreciate your kindness and charity for us.

The Henderson Volunteer Fire Department.  Thank you for running our bar once again.  

Our Sponsors.  Especailly our full term sponsors -  Lafayette General Medical Center & The Brown Foundation.

Our Preemie Sponsor: Courtesy Ford of Breaux Bridge.  Our Micro-Preemie Sponsors: Cargill Salt and Women's & Children's Hospital. And our friends, Physical Therapy Works and Cypress Bayou Casino Hotel.  Our Media Sponsor Mustang 87.7, and in kind donors, Leblanc's Lawn Service, Fun Jumps USA and Allied Waste.

Our VOLUNTEERS..... we cannot put on an event this size without the help from our amazing volunteers.  You all helped us Friday and Saturday and even earlier!  Thank you so much!  We are NOTHING without YOU!

Our Family and Friends... we make lots of sacrifices while planning the cookoff, and your support, encouragement, and help is priceless to us.  Thank you. 

Cookoff Teams... We had the most teams ever cooking gumbo!  And we had a lot of family teams that were paying it forward to other babies in the NICU.  So amazing to see all of them there and many with their NICU babies having a great time! 

Our entertainers - Mitch the Magician, St Martin Academy of Fine Arts, The LeBlanc Family Band, High Performance, and Nik-L-Beer.  DJ Phil Peltier for playing for us again!

The Silent Auction donors... thank you for your generosity - our auction was a huge success!

Everyone that donated to the Bake Sale - we all know you worked hard on all the goodies we had for sale.  It was the most we've ever had and the most successful bake sale we've ever had.  Thank you!!

All of our guests... thank you for taking the time to come to Henderson for the day and pass a good time with us.  The hundreds of babies, their families, and all of us are forever grateful to your compassion and caring.  See you again next year!!

The Media.... KATC, KLFY and Mustang 87.7 in particular!  You guys are all so awesome and we are appreciative of the time you took to help us get the word out in our community.

The many people who promoted our event.  We appreciate the positive publicity you gave to our event - we wouldn't have been able to spread our message without your voices.  Especially through Facebook and the sharing of our poster hundreds of times.  We appreciate that so much!

The Judges.... it isn't so easy to taste and judge that quantity of gumbos, but our judges did an excellent job!  Thank you!


Thank you so much and congratulations to all the winners from the cookoff! We appreciate all of your support!!


2014 Gumbo Cookoff Winners


Category: Seafood

1st Place: G&G Cooks

2nd Place: The Fond

3rd Place: Team Voodoo 2


Category: Chicken & Sausage

1st Place: Team Isabella

2nd Place: Breaux Bridge Lions Club

3rd Place: Tucker's Warriors


T-shirt Contest Winners: Tucker's Warriors


Raffle ticket winners:

1st Prize: Mona C LeBlanc

2nd Prize: Mark LeBlanc

3rd Prize: Jessica Scott






Full Term:



Preemie Sponsors:


Micro-Preemie Sponsors:

Friends of Heartstrings:
Cypress Bayou Casino Hotel
Physical Therapy Works

Media Sponsor:              

In Kind Sponsor:
Leblanc's Lawn Service
Fun Jumps USA